PDF Reader for Windows 1.0

PDFLogic Corporation (Freeware)

PDF Reader for Windows is an application primarily used for viewing and editing PDF (Portable Document Format) files on the computer. To use the program, the user loads the PDF file through the file browser menu. When a PDF file is already on the interface, the user has a number of tools that can be used to manage it. For example, there are options to zoom and un-zoom the file, switch to window mode or fullscreen mode, and check the PDF’s properties. For a seamless view, the user can disable the software’s toolbar, status bar, and menu bar.

PDF Reader for Windows has page options that let the user immediately go to the next page. These options area activated through keyboard hotkeys. The same can be done to access the previous page. The upper portion of the screen displays important functions of the software; such as the file, view, page, and tools tabs. Page and PDF functions like the forward, backward, save, and zoom functions can be found at the menu bar. Creating a PDF document can be accomplished through the tab at the upper right portion of the interface. PDF Reader for Windows uses minimal system resources. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts are also supported.