PDF Pro 10 Converter

Visagesoft (Proprietary)

PDF Pro 10 Converter is a file conversion software developed by Visagesoft. This program enables users to convert documents of various file formats into PDF. This program provides Word, Excel, and PowerPoint conversion to PDF support. It also provides PDF to Word conversion. This program also features PDF creation from any third party program with a Print functionality. This is possible by choosing the program as the Printing client instead of a real printer connected to the system. Printed documents are exported as PDF files.

PDF Pro 10 Converter also provides some document editing and security features. This program enables users to add images or delete images from documents. Users may also rotate or resize inserted images. This program also features text editing and customization functions including font style and font color changes. Users may also add hyperlinks and watermarks to the documents before exporting to PDF. Users can also add attachments to the finished document. As security features, this program enables users to add restrictions to the document. They can also configure the document to be accessible using a password only.

PDF Pro 10 Converter also features PDF customization options. Users may highlight texts or add sticky notes to PDF pages. Stamps can be added as well. Users may also add comments or pencil in notes to the pages.