PDF Printer 9.3

Bullzip (Freeware)

PDF Printer is an application that enables users to convert Microsoft Windows application files to PDF documents. The program does this by creating a virtual printer in the system in order to print documents to PDF files. It makes use of a Ghostscript to translate files to PDF. Converting of files can be done straight from the system’s print menu.

Users have several options when creating PDF files. Users can set the output format, too (PDF, PS, TIFF, PCX, JPEG, or PNG). The document properties for the file can also be changed including the keywords, subject, title, and author). In addition, the quality settings, PFD quality, and zoom level can also be changed. Users can add custom watermarks to the PDF file using the application, too. The watermark settings, such as the font, size, color, and position can be set. PDF Printer also has a security feature. Users can set a password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the document. Another option is to set permissions to the file so that users can view the contents, but are not able to print or make changes.

Here are more features of the application:
• Command line interface for all settings
• Run the program unattended
• Four quality settings to choose from (screen, pre-press, printer, and ebook)
• User interface control
• Set document properties