PDF Password Remover Inc (Shareware)

PDF Password Remover is an application that allows users to remove PDF file restrictions and passwords set by the creator of the document. After removing restrictions, users will be able to edit, print, copy, and make some changes on the PDF document. The program also features a decryption function that is capable of removing AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, and 40 and 128-bit encryption. The program is easy to use even for beginners. It supports drag and drop function. To work on a PDF document, users can drag a file to the program’s icon on the desktop and the application will launch.

The program’s interface is clean and simple. There are five tabs at the bottom of the window – Open PDF(s), Help, About, Close, and Register. The upper portion of the screen displays the documents that are accessed. There are different columns, too (Result, Event, Source Document, and Target Document). PDF Password Remover also supports commence line operation.

Here are other features of the application:
• Batch operation by using the command line
• Remove security settings from an encrypted PDF file
• Efficient decryption function
• No need for Adobe Acrobat software

Beginners can access a comprehensive help file for using the program on the official website.