PDF Logo Remover 1.0

SoftOrbits (Shareware)

PDF Logo Remover is an application used for removing watermarks and logos from PDF documents. It is also capable of removing backgrounds with patterns and colors that may be obstructive to the text. This also saves on ink when printing several documents. The program has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it ideal for novice computer users.

The main window is divided into two sections – the image watermark list and watermarks to remove. Users can add the document to open by clicking on the button beside “Source PDF file” button. A list of all the watermarks and images will then be displayed on the left window. Users can select which ones to remove from the PDF document and click the “Add” button between the two windows to place it on the watermarks to remove panel. To start the process, users just have to click on the “Remove Selected” button on the main window.

Here are the other features of the application:
• Removing the watermarks and images from the PDF file does not affect the other areas of the document
• Support for batch mode to allow users to work on several files all at the same times
• Can also be used to add own watermarks to the PDF document