PDF Editor 3.1 3.3

CAD-KAS (Shareware)

PDF Editor is a program used for editing PDF files including the objects placed on the pages. With the program, users can highlight words or blocks of text, move the objects around the page, strikeout words, add bookmarks, and more. Information on a PDF page can also be temporarily hidden when viewed using Acrobat Reader and then unhidden for editing later on.

The application has a tabbed interface that enables users to open several PDF documents at the same time. Switching from one document to another can be done by clicking on the different tabs placed at the top portion of the main window. The command buttons and tools are located on the toolbars at the top of the window where they are easily accessible. Some of the buttons are for graphics, stamps, pictures, text, annotations, and other objects that can be added to the PDF document. One of the main features of the PDF Editor is flip pages. This allows the users to flip the pages of a PDF document so that it can be placed on websites. To do this, click on the File menu and choose ‘Export as flippage’ from the available options. The program creates a HTML file.