PDF Converter Professional

Nuance Communications, Inc. (Shareware)

PDF Converter Professional is a program that enables users to manage their PDF or Portable Document Format files. This program can be used to view, create, edit, and convert PDF files. PDF Converter Professional also allows users to import text data from various MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and convert them to PDF format.

PDF Converter Professional contains various editing tools that are similarly found in common text-editing software. Users can use their mouse and keyboard to highlight, cut, paste, and type text to a document. The program also has formatting tools that can change the font style, font size, font color, paragraph style, spacing, column width, etc. PDF Converter Professional also has added controls that let users add images, flowcharts, graphics, and hyperlinks to their PDF files. The program has an added text to speech feature that allows the user to listen to the contents of their PDF files. In addition, this feature can also convert speech to text that enables users to create text data without typing. This feature allows PDF Converter Professional to be used as a dictation tool by visually-challenged users.

Another feature of PDF Converter Professional allows users to host “meetings” that allows a whole team to edit and discuss the changes in a PDF file. This feature also has commands that can let multiple users preview the changes and add their comments without changing the contents of the PDF file. PDF Converter Professional also allows batch editing of PDF files and has controls for author protection such as a digital watermark and page stamps.