PDF Complete

PDF Complete Inc (Shareware)

PDF Complete is a PDF file management application. It comes bundled with new HP desktops and notebook computers, but it can also be purchased separately. Some of the basic features of the program are viewing, printing, and searching, creating PDF files from Microsoft Office programs, and combining multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. PDF Complete comes with a built-in search feature that allows users to search for text in PDF files. Users can also create OCR (Optical Character Recognition) documents to make them searchable.

The PDF Complete application enables the author of the file to provide a password for security purposes. Aside from this security feature, the author can also configure security permissions on the document before sending. Users can share PDF files and large documents through email with ease as the program uses high-efficiency compression and optimization technologies to make this possible.

Here are more features of the PDF Complete application:
User interface internationalization
High quality PDF viewer
Create web optimized PDF files
Citrix and Window Terminal Services compatible
One-click PDF file creation

The PDF Complete program has a built-in update manager to ensure that the software has the latest updates. These updates are available as quick installations.