PDF Combine

Softplicity (Shareware)

PDF Combine is a tool that allows users to combine PDF files into one. It works on any PDF file and can combine files within a folder, based on their filenames. Apart from combining files, the application also has the capability to create bookmarks for each PDF file included on the merge so users can easily track those pages on the combined file and aids in navigation. This capability is particularly useful for legal and accounting documents like invoices and contracts.

PDF Combine has a simple and user-friendly interface. The menu toolbar has the common functions: File, Edit, Convert and Help. There are three main columns. The leftmost part displays a treeview of the data sources. This area is used to browse the files, which will be merged. The middle and second section of the screen displays the files within the selected drive. For instance, if the user selects My Documents on the leftmost portion, then the middle section will display all the pdf files inside the My Document folder. The rightmost portion shows the preview of the selected file on the middle section. It also has zoom functionality and users can also choose to display the file on actual size and fit to width manner.