PCSync Application

Laplink Software (Proprietary)

Those who use more than one computer can synchronize their files easily with Laplink Software’s PCSync Application.  The program lets users manage their data between PCs and/or Macs using a USB cable, or wired or wireless LAN networks.  It offers more security and privacy than using the cloud, which is normally accessed via the Internet and requires users to entrust their data and sensitive information to remote resources and services.

PCSync Application supports all file types and folders of any size, and can be used to match the data of one computer with another.  This allows users to switch PCs easily, without having to manually copy and transfer their work each time.  The program is also useful for merging and/or comparing the work of up to three users who are working together on a certain project.  In addition, because it can synchronize files between PCs and removable drives, it serves well for creating backup copies of important files and folders.

The application gives the option to immediately synchronize or to perform the task on a regular schedule, namely on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  It also allows users to filter the file types to synchronize, such as word documents, videos, images, and more, and also supports drag-and-drop file transfers.