PCStreams3 3.21102012

PC Streams (Freeware)

PCStreams3 is a streaming program developed by PC Streams. The freeware program is also an open source application, users can develop. PCStreams3 is designed for streaming football game events through various platforms. Supported programs include football summaries and news shown broadcasted in various channels. Aside from displaying the channels broadcasting football, the program also displays program schedules that benefit viewers. Streaming also loads faster and viewers can immediately watch the shows.

The software can be integrated with different streaming platforms. It supports flash streaming, Sopcast streams, and VLC player. Configuring the program may vary depending on the streaming platform used, but developers ensure simple integration process.Avid fans watching the programs can chat while using this application. Questions about the program like configuration, problems using the program, updating procedure, and others can be answered through the forum that serves as user support.

Automatic updates also come as added feature in this program. It searches for updates and load it on the program. Updates are for streams, programs and bug fixes. PCStreams3 also come with a simple to use interface, allowing users to conduct all their tasks like chatting with ease. Tuning to football games is also simple through the platform. Ratings for streams are also available on this software and can be helpful in finding out the working stream, assuring that viewers will not miss their most anticipated football events.