PCStitch 10

M&R Technologies, Inc. (Shareware)

PCStitch is a software designed by M&R Technologies specifically designed to cater to those who want a comprehensive cross-stitch pattern software.

The program allows designers and embroidery enthusiasts to create their own patterns using scanned images or photos.  Moreover, with its text feature, they can include captions of any size using their own stitched fonts, or convert any True Type font they might want to use.  Moreover, they can effortlessly edit their pattern using the Grid Shortcuts, and improve blending using the Floss Palette Interface.

The software also offers other features such as: adding beads; using different stitch types including French knots, full, three-quarter, half, quarter, and other specialty stitches; placing borders; and more.  They can, likewise, use the program’s Grid Design Rulers to design and measure their own custom stitches.

PCStitch has a workspace that users can customize to suit their individual requirements and preferences.  Furthermore, it gives the users control over their design, with the program’s abundance of options easily accessible through its clear and familiar interface.  It has tools for pattern sizing, palette, pattern objects, color picker, etc.; as well as enhancements including creating a stitched font, creating a border, and creating a new library.  It also has Pattern Properties that allows users to input numeric data for pattern settings, grid line and object line settings, stitch options, and general environment settings.