Palmer Performance Engineering (Proprietary)

PCMSCAN is a scanner and diagnostics tool that allows users to check their OBD II hardware. OBD refers to On-board diagnostics, which is a term used in the automotive industry to refer to the vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. An OBD is a system that checks the state of health of certain vehicles. This software performs logging, charting, viewing, and checking of a vehicle’s diagnostic information instantaneously.

PCMSCAN’s user interface features trouble codes, virtual dashboards, test results, data logging, and drag strip and dyno. The virtual dashboard makes use of DashXL™ Technology, offering high quality and customizable dashboards. The gauges can be configured to display the information that the user needs, such as the minimum, maximum, or average values of various parameters. There are graphs that display up to eight parameters all at one time. There are tables that can be customized to report any of the parameters available. Maps are customizable to full 3D view of any parameter. The user can create an unlimited number of gauges, graphs, tables, and maps that users find suitable for analyzing a vehicle’s health. The dyno feature lets users check on horsepower and display timeslips after every run. Data logs can be exported as a .csv file and it can display measures on both English and Metric(SI) units measurement systems.