Laplink Software Inc. (Shareware)

PCmover is migration software that can transfer applications from one Windows computer to another. The program must be installed in both computers in order for it to work. Users can select the programs to transfer to another computer. Aside from programs, it can also migrate files and setting preferences. The application comes with a wizard that will guide users through the step by step migration process. On the home window, there are four options: PC to PC Transfer, Windows Upgrade Assistant, Restore from Image or Drive, and Undo Previous Transfer. There are three transfer methods available (Network, Laplink Ethernet Cable, and Laplink USB Cable).

There are some limitations on using the program. Only programs that are compatible on both systems can be transferred. Also, files that are protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management) may have to be deactivated on the source computer before they can be used on the new computer. Hardware drivers are not transferred, too. The migration process can be undone with the program, too. This can be done by clicking on ‘Undo Previous Migration’ on the home screen. Undoing migration takes only a few minutes.

PCmover is available in three versions: Home, Business, and Professional. Some features included in Business and Professional editions include migration reports, offline migrations, and installation from a portable storage device.