PGWARE LLC (Shareware)

PCMedik is a tool designed to make computers run faster and more efficiently. Developed by PGWare, the program scans, detects, and repairs common problems that tend to use up resources and slow the system down.

The main feature of PCMedik is its simplicity. It is easy to install, and its interface is user-friendly. Without any overwhelming settings to adjust, just about anyone can make use of the program. All users have to do, initially, is select the operating system, processor type, and repair setting to be used. The latter is a slider with options that range from “Heal” to “Heal & Boost”. From there, users only need to click the “Go” button, and the program will do the rest.  

Since many programs demand faster hardware performance, this utility tool helps in detecting those things that tend to keep the computer from running at its optimum speed. It makes changes to the operating system, such as switching off some animations that use up resources and adjusting programs that need to take precedence over the others. It is also constantly updated in order to keep up with the requirements of new software.

PCMedik’s system analyzer, built into the program, and its diagnostic engine, are powerful enough to detect common problems and provide solutions.