PCHealthDoc Unzip 1.0

PC Health Doc (Freeware)

PCHealthDoc Unzip is an application that enables users to open RAR and ZIP files. RAR and ZIP are archive file formats, identified with the .rar and .zip extensions respectively. Both RAR and ZIP files support the compression of data without quality loss and enables users to compress multiple files of various formats into one file. The compressed RAR or ZIP file may be sent as email attachment, uploaded to a website, or shared with other users. The contents of ZIP and RAR files may range from Word documents, audio files, videos, game installation files, small applications, or a combination of these.

Not all users can open RAR and ZIP files because they have no installed program that can perform the function. To open compressed files, users can install PCHealthDoc Unzip. Aside from archive files with the .zip and .rar extensions, this application can also open the less common compressed file formats GZIP and 7Z. To access the files contained within an archive, the application first needs to decompress or unzip the archive. After installing this application, users need only to select the archive file and click the right mouse button to open the file options, then select the unzip command.

Users may also use this application to compress files to create RAR and ZIP archives with password protection.