PGWARE LLC (Shareware)

PCBoost is an application that improves the system’s performance by giving priority to active programs, such as games, video and photo editing programs, and other heavy applications. The program monitors the active applications and those that are running in the background. It then automatically instructs the CPU to prioritize the active application over the background applications. When the active program is changed, the application detects it, too. This makes the current program being used always have the highest priority.

The program’s main window consists of all the controls and settings for the application. The main window shows a summary of the CPU’s current state (free CPU and used CPU). In addition, there is also a speed test and a processor benchmark test for testing the computer’s power capacity.

Here are other features of the PCBoost application:
• Built-in list of applications that are not compatible
• Easy to use interface
• Automatic processor settings
• 32-bit and 64-bit ready
• Runs without user interaction

PCBoost can be updated within the program. Users do not need to open a web browser to download updates of the software. The program runs quietly in the background and does not disrupt the user’s computer activities.