BUFFALO INC. (Shareware)

PCastTV4 is a driver that enables PC to TV file sharing. Developed by Buffalo Inc., this driver enables computer users to link their personal computers to their television sets and view content from the latter. The program allows users to use the television as a makeshift monitor, manipulating all components from the personal computer.

There are different types of drivers that can be used to connect PCs to television sets but when it comes to this particular driver, it enables the generation of high definition images. The PCastTV4 also makes it possible for the user to manipulate screen resolutions as well as image sizes and the corresponding displays. Free to try and available to buy, this driver is not only meant for general computer to television connections. It can also be used to link different devices like tablets and other mobile devices to television sets. Even the smallest frames from a mobile phone video can be transformed into a high definition show on a TV.

This driver is ideal for Windows platforms and comes with a number of executable files upon installation. It can be programmed to launch automatically during startup. It can also be customized to the user’s preferences.