Symantec Corporation (Shareware)

PCAnywhere is a program that enables users to remotely access their computers. This program can access a computer via a Local Access Network (LAN) or using an Internet connection. This allows users to configure settings, transfer files such as documents, photos, audio, video, or software, and to execute programs in a remote computer. This program requires administrator privileges from the user as well as a username and password for security purposes. PCAnywhere is a tool used by many technical support professionals to troubleshoot computers even if they are in a remote location.

Once PCAnywhere has located the target computer, it will ask for authentication details in the form of a username and password in order to proceed. The remotely-accessed computer’s desktop will be displayed as a window where the user can perform actions as if the computer being used is in front of him. However, in order for the program to establish remote access, the target computer must be switched on and active. PCAnywhere allows users to use their mouse, keyboard, as well as to activate plugged-in hardware such as printers, scanners, webcams, etc. PCAnywhere works with protected remote connectivity that synchronizes with the remote computer’s IP address and firewall settings.