PC2Phone 1 (Freeware)

PC2Phone by is a communications tool that allows users to make calls and send SMS messages to a number anywhere in the world.  This application has two ways to call or text: from a mobile phone or a computer.

Using a mobile phone, PC2Phone permits local and international calls from and to anywhere. Users can access their account through a PC2phone dialer or 2Gotel Mobile Dialer. For PC, it has the same features. Users can still call and send text messages to any number, local or international.

Users have to sign up for an account. They are given a virtual number and a PIN number, which are both important. Since there are rates, a credit card account is required upon registration. This enables them to make phone calls from their mobiles using their account and PIN number.

PC2Phone offers a virtual number. This is randomly selected by the program. It depends on what country and city the users choose or register their account. This means that users can select any location, whether they are in the same place or not.

This program requires a subscription. Users can utilize a number for a month or more, up to a year. In addition, they can set up a single or multiple virtual numbers in different locations.

Other features of PC2Phone:
• Contact list
• Call log and history