PC Wizard 2012_2.11

CPUID (Freeware)

PC Wizard is a computer-benchmarking program used in detecting various hardware devices in the user’s computer. This program allows users to view information such as device name, model name, model number, firmware version, and compatibility of various hardware devices plugged in their computer. In addition to these, PC Wizard allows users to monitor the status of these hardware devices. Users can view error reports if the hardware device has experienced a serious error, or if the hardware driver is outdated and needs updating. PC Wizard gathers hardware information regularly and can be set to automatically run during startup. This program provides comprehensive information about various hardware devices such as the motherboard, memory profiles, chipset, sensors, processors, video cards, sound cards, BIOS, ports, hard drive and partitions, optical disc drives, SCSI, Twain, network connections, printers, virtual machines, as well as security features. In addition to these, PC Wizard also shows information about the computer’s Operating System, version, passwords, user accounts, resources, and system files such as BAT, DOS, INI, NT, etc.

PC Wizard features a simple user interface that has three main control parts. The first part contains the main command buttons that execute actions such as save, open, print, refresh, copy, and edit within the program. The next section is the hardware icon menu located on the left portion of the screen. This section allows users to select a device along with the related information and configuration options. Beside the icon panel, users may find the summary panel where all the information and options on the selected device are displayed. Users can view the item name, description, version, and date and time modified.