PC Updater

RadarSync (Shareware)

The RadarSync PC Updater program updates the applications and scans for recent drivers needed by a user’s system. It scans the relevant parts of a system and then recommends driver updates and application updates for better device and app performance. Without these updates, devices may not function at all and applications may not perform at the optimum levels. Unlike some software or driver updaters that store these files in a database, this particular program links directly to the vendors of the hardware or software for the file updates.

The interface of the program is clean and simple. It displays controls to scan the user’s PC, back up the system’s current settings, and organize the downloading of the required drivers. Entries are identified by information such as type and name, and include Available and Installation options. The entries are also shown with a link to in-depth info about the files. There is also the Ignore button that stops further scans. The Status feature shows when drivers were most recently updated. Entries also have options to update.

To update all drivers, the user has to purchase the full version of the updating program. RadarSync PC Updater’s trial version essentially displays scan results.