PC TuneUp Tools

Madcrosoft UK (Shareware)

PC TuneUp Tools is a software application that bundles utility tools that improve the performance of a user's computer. These tools that come bundled with the program perform routine cleanup, optimization, and repair tasks that speed up a computer and free up disk space. The software scans the a user's system and identifies critical errors, malicious processes, and other data that may slow down the computer's performance and applies patches and fixes that are only executed when the user chooses to.

The software application's user interface borrows heavily from design elements used in Windows 8; tools and features can be accessed on-demand by selecting from an array of tiles on its main interface. Some notable features of PC TuneUp Tools include the following:

• Desktop Lock – A security tool that protects a device from unauthorized use when the user is away. This is accomplished by locking the monitor and replacing the desktop with a blank screen, which can only be unlocked with a password that is different from the user's OS account password.
• Privacy Cleaner – This feature deletes all instances of data in a computer that contains such information as HTTP cookies, Internet browsing history on web browsers, as well as passwords and temporary files.
• Hard Drive Cleaner – Users with computers filled with unnecessary files can use the Hard Drive Cleaner, which removes empty folders and files that do not contain any meaningful data.