PC TuneUp Maestro

CompuClever Systems Inc (Shareware)

PC TuneUp Maestro is a system utility that improves the performance of slow computers and fixes system errors without damaging the file system. It comes equipped with powerful tools for easy computer maintenance and optimization. The tools are useful in searching for, cleaning, and eliminating problematic and obsolete entries in the system registry to stabilize the system and remove performance issues.

The tools included in this program are the following:

• Scheduler – This feature helps users automate the tasks needed for optimizing the computer and backing up files for system restore.
• Registry Defragmentation – This is used in removing gaps in the file system to produce a compact registry so that it uses up less space and consumes fewer resources. This feature speeds up the speed at which the computer accesses and implements application tasks.
• PC Optimization – This provides users with recommended actions for system improvement.
• Backup & Restore – This provides users with the ability to restore the computer system before a crash occurred by making backup copies of files at different points in time. Users can also enable an auto-backup feature.
• StartUp Management – This shows users the applications that launch when the system starts so they can remove unnecessary programs from the lineup, making the computer start up faster

PC TuneUp Maestro also comes with a Smart PC TuneUp feature that performs defragmentation, optimization, and system registry scanning and cleaning with just one click.