PC Tools Privacy Guardian

PC Tools (Proprietary)

PC Tools Privacy Guardian is an application that secures the user’s online and offline privacy, as well as the day-to-day computer use. There are four ways in which this tool provides security:

• By keeping the user’s access history private – this tool erases the user’s history of accessed sites. This includes FTP browsers, photo browsers, chat programs, email clients, media players, and programs for peer-to-peer file transfer. With this application, only the registered user will be able to see the programs and sites he or she has clicked on.
• By deleting files in the computer – this tool functions as a file shredder, so that deleted files will be permanently erased so they will not be recovered, even with file and folder recovery programs.
• By erasing browsing data – this application deletes Internet search history, cookies, browsing history, passwords, auto complete form data, and downloaded program file logs to keep the user’s online activities and personal information private.
• By removing traces of computer use – offline activities such as opening documents and copying files will also be untraceable. This application erases temporary file folders and file histories, search and clipboard items, lists of recently-opened and run files, and the document history.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian comes with a disk-bleaching feature that cleans out the user’s hard disk space to make sure that the deleted files will not be retrieved or restored by other programs, including file recovery applications.