PC Tools Performance Toolkit

PC Tools (Shareware)

PC Tools Performance Toolkit is an all-in-one application used to speed up the computer, optimize its performance, and protect privacy. It was initially released on September 4, 2012. The application offers Cleaning and Monitoring Registry tools. It can be used to repair invalid entries. The program also offers customizable scans with detailed scan results. For every repair, the program also offers automatic registry backups.

Performance Toolkit offers tools for protecting privacy. It features Privacy Guardian that is used to erase the Internet browsing tracks including history, online activity and other private information on your browser. The program also features bleaching functionality, which allows users to bleach all the unused space on their hard drive. All the personal details are also securely deleted. There is also a function to recover deleted files. This allows recovery of different files including music, photos, and documents from any removable media as well as hard drives.

Optimization tools are also available in PC Tools Performance Toolkit. It has its own Optimization window that offers different tools for improving the performance of the laptop. These tools include Defragmentation, System Monitors and Other Information, Registry Compacting and Optimize Your System. A tool to speed up the computer is also offered. This tool repairs various hard drive errors, start Windows faster, and maintain the health of your computer.