PC Study Bible

Biblesoft (Proprietary)

Biblesoft, a company that develops and publishes Bible study software, has a digital library of Bibles and references compiled in its application, the PC Study Bible.  The program is suitable for those who want to make the most of their Bible study experience.  

Each PC Study Bible offers a convenient way of gaining insight, with references to some of the most respected works in the field.  It contains concordances, cross references and outlines, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedia, commentary sets, as well as a database of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic words, Greek and Hebrew texts and resources, and more.  It also has information on theology and history, maps and photos, Christian living and devotionals, and pastoral resources.  And with its easy-to-use features, Bible students can focus more on studying rather than searching for the information that they need, without being confined to the limitations that such software ordinarily possess.  

The PC Study Bible comes in six choices, namely the Professional, Advanced, Complete, New, and Discovery Reference Libraries, and the Reference Library Plus.  These six references provide different emphasis, to be able to address the needs and preferences of different Bible students.  Moreover, Add-ons are available so users can continuously expand their own library, such as adding other commentary modules, Bible translations, and more.