PC Satellite TV (Shareware)

PC Satellite TV is a program that lets users stream and view online television using an Internet connection. Numerous channel categories are provided by the program such as entertainment, sports, movies, weather, shopping, lifestyle, music, government, educational, and business news. Multiple webcam streams found worldwide are also provided.

Program interface is streamlined and simple. Its left portion displays the channels list, while its right portion provides the users’ viewing area. Television channels can be viewed in full screen or via the program’s window. Accessing links found in the program is dependent on the speed of one’s computer connection. Program options users can select from include specifying the streaming speed. The program does not have a configuration screen and it does not allow for customizations to be done by users. Sorting of channels by categories or certain criteria such as by country is also not provided. Favorite stations cannot be saved. The program’s trial version provides users a total of ten television channels. The channels that are provided depend on the user’s region and contain a combination of music, kids’, and music channels.”VIP” channels are available and can only be accessed when users upgrade to the program’s pro version. PC Satellite TV makes use of a small amount of a computer system’s resources.