PC Registry Cleaner 3.0.5 (Shareware)

PC Registry Cleaner is an application primarily used for scanning the computer's registry files. It then looks for files that are either corrupted or taking up space unnecessarily. Obsolete files in the registry are files that the user no longer needs. These files should be deleted from the registry. In this way, more space is freed up, which can be used for other files.

PC Registry Cleaner's user interface is composed of a main pane and all the utilities and functions listed on the left side of the interface. Clicking on a utility displays its contents on the main pane. The program also has the ability to improve the way the computer connects to the Internet, as well as cleaning the PC's system memory. The registry cleaner, however, is still the program's primary feature. For the computer to boost its speed, the application scans the registry for duplicate files, links that are broken, as well as other problems that are often the cause of performance reduction. After the software finishes the scan process, it can recommend automatic fixes. The user also has the freedom to fix specific errors only.

PC Registry Cleaner allows the creation of backup files. These backups can later be used to restore the computer, should something go wrong during the registry cleaning process.