PC Inspector File Recovery 4


The PC Inspector File Recovery application is recovery software that supports FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) file systems. The software is easy to use even for beginners since all the tools needed are present on the interface. Users can retrieve lost and deleted files and data, even after formatting the disk drive. Recovered files and documents have all the original information including the time and date stamp. PC Inspector File Recovery supports several disk formats, such as AVI, TAR, LZH, MID, DBF, and many more.

To look for files or lost data, the user must choose a drive before beginning the search. All the deleted files on that drive can be found inside the ‘Deleted’ folder after the search. The deleted files can be saved to the computer’s hard disk. The lost data can be accessed in the ‘Lost’ folder.

Scanning of lost and deleted files is done using a moderate amount of system resources. The program runs without clogging up the system. PC Inspector File Recovery cannot be used if there is a technical glitch with the disk drive. Beginners can make use of the comprehensive help file that comes with the application.