PC Drummer Trial 5 (Shareware)

PC Drummer is a professional drum machine that allows users to create beats and drum patterns using their computers. The program comes with built-in sounds from different instruments, which can be used when creating patterns and tracks. Some of the patterns included in the program are Reggae, Shuffle, Rock, Bossa Nova, and many others. Other patterns can be imported to the program as well. It supports formats from different audio programs, such as Adobe Audition, Cubase, Cakewalk, and Pro Tools. Aside from patterns, the program also comes with different instruments, such as the tambourine, toms, cymbals, bass drums, and snares. It also features a Midi Kit that includes 60 effects and samples. More key features of the program are listed below:

• Patterns created with the application can be exported in WAV format and can be used with other audio applications
• Each instrument added on the pattern has a volume control allowing users to experiment with different sounds and volumes
• Users can customize the application by adding their own instruments in the WAV audio file format
• Support for creating and modifying own drum kits from the instruments available in the program and from instruments added by the user
• Users have complete control over measures and time signatures