PC-Doctor for Windows

PC-Doctor, Inc. (Freeware)

PC-Doctor for Windows is a Windows utility developed by PC-Doctor, Inc. in July 2012. PC-Doctor for Windows allows users to diagnose Windows-related system errors and hardware problems. This utility also features tools to solve these problems.

PC-Doctor for Windows features more than 200 diagnostic tests that aim to diagnose errors in computer hardware including the CPU, system board, memory, storage, graphics, networking, audio, and even peripherals like mouse and keyboard connected through the I/O ports. PC-Doctor for Windows features a System Information tab that compiles an accurate system view from multiple resources. This utility also results in a small footprint on storage drives and a minimal stress on the processor. PC-Doctor for Windows also features customizable test scripts that allow users to test with specific system configurations. PC-Doctor for Windows can also be used for remote access testing.

PC-Doctor for Windows features a common technology base with other PC-Doctor products, which allows for updated failure and trend analysis. PC-Doctor for Windows also features OEM customer training and support, application consulting, diagnostic library updates, and development consulting. PC-Doctor for Windows supports all current Windows versions up to Windows 8 and PE. When there is failed Windows boot, users may use the DOS and Windows PE versions for diagnostics. PC-Doctor for Windows also supports business operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.