PC Booster

inKline Software Labs (Proprietary)

PC Booster is a system optimizer that gets rid of unnecessary items and fixes errors to make sure that the system is running at its best. After the system has been optimized, the computer will run faster. Tuning up is done automatically with the auto-tune feature. Some of the system components that it checks are the system’s Start Menu, memory, system modules, and even the hardware. After checking the system, the program displays a chart that contains information on the different areas of the system that can be tuned up. With the help of some hard disk tools, experienced computer users will be able to tweak some of the components of the system to make it run faster and get rid of crashes.

The program’s main interface is divided into five main sections (autotune, optimize, stabilize, customize, and benchmark), plus additional menus for the program options and the help topics. Each section provides a link on the different tools that can help improve the system. Under each tool, a short description is provided to help users understand the features of the program and how it can help the system. Additionally, users can view how much free memory is available in the system.