PC Angel Recovery

SoftThinks (Proprietary)

In September 2008, SoftThinks developed a system recovery program called PC Angel™ Recovery. This program protects users from system crashes by securing the system, programs and applications, and user data. PC Angel™ Recovery allows users to create Recovery Partitions on a local disk, or Recovery Disks. These Recovery disks may be any disc media, an external hard drive, or even a USB drive.

PC Angel™ Recovery features system recovery through a Recovery Partition. The program reserves a partition in a local drive, which contains the factory image and the customized micro-environment WinPE. The system may be restored to a prior fully functioning state through the Recovery Partition. However, in the event of a full system crash and the Recovery Partition is inaccessible, PC Angel™ Recovery users may also create a Recovery Disk for the same purpose. Booting from WinPE allows users to access the PC Angel Emergency Backup Mode. This enables users to reinstall pre-installed applications. PC Angel™ Recovery also allows users to create a backup schedule. The program will automatically create system backups as scheduled by the user. System backups may be created on a local drive or on an external drive.

PC Angel™ Recovery features a tabbed user interface called the Recovery Center. There are three tabs—Backup, Restore, and Upgrade. Under Backup, users can choose to create a Full System Backups or File and Folder backups. Restore opens the restore functions of the program. Upgrade tab shows options to upgrade the program.