PBX Telecom (Freeware)

PBX TV was created and released under PBX Telecom. This is a multimedia program that can be applied to existing computer systems enabling its users to utilize cable TV viewing by means of online video streaming services. Aside from providing program users with multiple features, the program also offers multiple platform viewing. The programs that can be viewed using the PBX TV application are available based on suggestions and comments from the community.

One of the main features of the PBX TV application is that it offers highly efficient video streaming, but does not rely on high bitrates to deliver high quality footage. Because of the low bitrate demands of the streams, the program can easily be used even with the most basic connection to the Internet. It can easily be used on dial-up systems. Aside from laptops and personal computer setups, this particular program can also be used on various mobile devices. This program was designed to service the latter. It is highly functional and compatible with various GPRS, 3G, HSDPA, and EDGE connections. Those who use PBX TV can easily configure channel or stream blocking if necessary. There are different controls that are easily accessible, which makes the application easy to use.