Patriots: A Nation Under Fire

4D Rulers Inc. (Proprietary)

Patriots: A Nation Under Fire is a modern war, first-person shooter game developed by 4D Rulers and published by the company, SilverLine Software. The story revolves around a fictional terrorist attack on the United States using nuclear weapons. The player takes on the role of a National Guardsman who needs to prevent the terrorists from completely taking over the country. The mission is completed once the terrorist invasion is defeated.

The game begins with a lengthy narration sequence relating how the terrorists took over 50 states by using high-powered weapons. The player will have to go through a series of missions in order to advance to higher levels. In the easiest difficulty level, the player has to fight large numbers of terrorists using his/her choice of weapon. The game also features surprise attacks in the Resistance, wherein the player takes to the streets and battles it out with the terrorists. Once the opponents are killed, the player can collect weapons and use them. Ammo is varied and can be changed by the player to match the intensity of the level. The player can summon National Guard recruits to match the increasing number of enemies. Patriots: A Nation Under Fire also offers 3D-like visuals to enhance the game environment and explosions.