Patrician IV

Gaming Minds Studios (Proprietary)

The Patrician is a series of trading simulation games that lets players assume the role of a merchant in the middle ages. The game is set during the time of the Hanseatic Guild – a union of merchant guilds in Northern Europe that dominated trade in the area’s coasts from the 13th to the 17th century. Gamers face the challenge of moving up in business and politics amidst great competition, intrigue, and other hurdles. Their aim is to eventually become the most powerful individual in the league.

Gamers control a ship from one of several cities and travel to other lands to purchase and sell merchandise.  This requires strategy as they must try to buy items when costs are low and sell them at a good profit.  They must also be wary of pirates, looters, and saboteurs, as well as season and weather changes.    

Aside from trying to accumulate money and expand their business, players must also aim to increase their merchant fleet, have their own production, gain popularity in the different cities, help a town grow, build infrastructure, and more.

The game features 32 towns, different ship models, and a variety of goods to trade, as well as challenges such pirate battles, tavern visits, and keeping townspeople safe and satisfied.