AA6YQ (Freeware)

Pathfinder is part of the eight interoperable DXLab Suite family of applications developed by AA6YQ. It performs the search engine function solely to locate QSL information from web-accessible sources like address, manager databases, and country-specific call books. Other sources include QSL sites, and DX Summit spot archives.

In a diagram of interoperability between the applications, Pathfinder usually is located below Spot Collector and is the last process that needs input from the four other applications in order to function properly. Those applications include DXView, DXKeeper, WinWarbler, and Spot Collector. It also has 12 user-assignable search keys., which ensure that users can easily modify search items, replace them with new ones, or whatever current operation calls for.

Pathfinder is also capable of searching the Flyring Horse Radio Amateur Callbook. It interoperates to perform the “lookup” function on a specified callsign, extracting and returning the desired information. Up to date libraries of callbooks are also available for download. This application comes with a manual that instructs users how to modify searches, assign a search to a button, and learn about dynamic searches to refine results. Once the results are achieved, it will be displayed in an easy-to-read window complete with necessary details such as client number, name, address, callsign, license type, license number, and ship name, if available.