Path To Success 1

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Path to Success is a life simulation game that allows users to choose a life path for a chosen character. At the start of the game, players are asked to choose between a male and female character. The character’s looks can be customized as well. More clothing and accessory options become available when the player has more money.

Players start out with a small amount of money and an apartment. There are different locations on the game board that players can visit. These locations allow players to do activities that will increase the character’s skills. With more skills, players have access to more opportunities. Doing activities also cost money, so players must find a job for the character. The game screen displays the amount of money the player has, the time left for the day, and the happiness level of the character. There are also challenges along the way. In these challenges, the character must beat another character in a certain goal.

Other features of the Path to Success game are the following:

• Different ending scenarios based on the player’s choices in the game
• Lots of activities to choose from
• Interesting gameplay
• Plenty of custom options for characters
• Compete with virtual friends