Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games (Freeware)

Path of Exile is a dark fantasy action-role playing game set in the land of Wraeclast, a continent populated by nightmarish creatures and monsters. The game’s objective is for the player (an exile) and other exiles to survive the bloodthirsty and savage land of Wraeclast by enhancing their skills and acquiring magical objects.  It delves into deep character customization, ladder races, competitive PvP, and a solid barter-based online item economy.

There are six character classes to choose from which represent either one or two core traits.  They are strength, intelligence, or dexterity.  Depending on the character class chosen, a player starts at a distinct location in the game’s passive skill tree, where they can focus on the distinguishing feature of their chosen class and develop a medley of skills as they play in the tree’s other locations. Playing ARPGS have always revolved around the concepts of valuable items and devastating skills. Path of Exile’s version of skills are items, specifically gems that bequest abilities once chambered into equipment. These gems are useful in trade as they are hard to come by and level up autonomously.  Path of Exile plunges the player in a game whose combat scenarios are viscerally gory.  Even the music played befits the atmosphere of scenarios a player faces.