Computer & Entertainment, Inc. (Shareware)

PasswordTools particularly aims to change passwords for Mac OS X into strings that are more random. It is a password recovery tool that retrieves forgotten passwords, which allows the user to open locked files. This program gives the user the guarantee that it can recover lost passwords no matter what the length and level of complexity.

Users usually find it extremely difficult to recover data when locked files are inaccessible because the password is not available. Many people have become frustrated with this situation. This utility is a basic tool for people who use many passwords but are unable to keep track of them. This program includes dominant features such as:
• Hassle-free operation with simple, user-friendly interface
• Comprehensive program with many different applications
• Password recovery engine guaranteed to give results

This utility gives computer users a convenient means of recovering lost and forgotten passwords without the need for more IT training. PasswordTools negates the need for computer programming skills since it is a complete, one-stop solution for password recovery. PasswordTools is the brainchild of Computer & Entertainment, Inc. This program is compatible with another utility called Password Server. It solves problems related password recovery on programs such as OneNote, PDF, Excel Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.