PasswordKeeper Application 3.16 (Freeware)

Password Keeper is a simple utility for keeping track of passwords from different online accounts. It makes use of high encryption so unauthorized users cannot access information kept in the application. The application has a simple user interface, which can be used by both novice and advanced computer users. On the interface, users can add a new password profile by clicking on the “New” button, which is located on the upper portion of the window. Existing passwords can be edited with the “Edit” button. A list of profiles is displayed under “my passwords”. When an item is selected, the account name, username, password, and notes will be displayed on the window.

Password Keeper also comes with a Password Generator that allows users to create passwords that cannot easily be cracked. There are different options for generating passwords so users can choose to include or exclude figures, small and capital letters, and special characters. The password length can be changed as well. Users can just click on the “Generate Password” button to get a new password. Other key features of the program include the following:

• Support for different types of skins
• Support for drag and drop feature
• Comes with password recovery tool