PasswordEye 1.12

Tatsuya Bunei (Freeware)

PasswordEye offers a simple solution for those who constantly forget their computer passwords. It is a freeware created by a Japanese programmer that uses an ingenious, but very easy method of password recovery. It does not require complicated steps or high-level hacking ability.

After installation, users may launch the program and lost passwords may then be quickly retrieved by this tool. Users need only point the small viewfinder target icon over the password text fields that contain hidden characters, indicated by asterisks. After a rapid analysis, this program will accurately decrypt and display the concealed alphanumeric characters. The unveiled passwords can then be copied to the clipboard and saved.  Downtime is therefore minimized, and productivity loss due to an unrecoverable computer operating system, file directory, or folder password is avoided.

The latest version release of PassWordEye allows decryption of HTML-based passwords. Unless they use the same password for everything, it is very hard for people to remember all the login details to their numerous online accounts. Thanks to this wonderful free tool, users are insured against the possible loss of their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. This feature is, at the moment, only applicable to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The developer has stopped releasing new versions of this program since 2005 so until now there is no support for other modern browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.