Password Spectator

ReFog Software (Freeware)

Password Spectator is a simple program that allows users to recover passwords or show passwords that are displayed as asterisks. It has a small and simple main window that displays instructions on how to use the application. Users must have the application of the hidden password open in order to use the program. To get the password, users must press the Ctrl button and click the password with asterisks. The program will then display a window on the desktop containing the password.

This program only works when hidden passwords are saved in the application. The program works quickly and displays passwords as soon as the user clicks on the hidden characters. The application keeps a log of all the passwords retrieved. This allows users to keep track of their passwords from different programs and websites. Other main features of the application are listed below:

• Simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy
• Does not need to be configured in order to work
• Does not clog up the system resources
• Can be set so that the program always remains on top of other applications that are open on the desktop
• Comes with a help file that teaches users how to use the application