Password recovery suite 14

LastBit Corp. (Shareware)

Password Recovery Suite is a password recovery software suite developed and released by LastBit Corp. It was first released in 1997 offering password recovery solutions for Microsoft Word and Excel programs. It is a software suite composed of different password recovery solutions specially designed for each application. Password Recovery Suite features solutions for recovery of lost passwords, as well as forgotten ones.

Password Recovery Suite features password recovery tools to popular programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and VBA. It also features password recovery tools for other programs like OneNote, OpenOffice, PDF, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, Quicken, WinZip, and WinRar. It also features other password recovery tools for applications like Internet Explorer, AOL Password, Firefox Password, Skype Password, Yahoo Messenger Password, SQL Password, and MSN Password.  

A Password-Protected Documents utility that enables users to search the computer for password-protected files is provided, as well as an Absolute Password Protector encryption utility that enables users to securely encrypt files. The program features Express Recovery enabling users to break a typical Word or Excel password in under a minute, and guaranteed password recovery without the use of brute force for some applications like MS Excel, Word, and Access. A multicore password recovery engine and a distributed password recovery engine using the Octopass are provided.