Password Depot 7.0.0

AceBIT GmbH (Shareware)

Password Depot is a program developed by AceBIT GmbH for managing passwords and other sensitive data. It can be used for managing credit card information, software licenses, confidential documents and more. The program uses security algorithms such as BlowFish and Rijndael for encrypting files. Rijndael algorithm provides twice the protection by implementing a master password and an internal key.

Password Depot has two main functions – Password Protection and Password Management. Its password protection functions ensure that all the sensitive information is safe from various threats. It protects users from keylogging, clipboard viewers, brute force attacks and dictionary attacks. The application also makes sure that all password traces in the internal memory are removed. It also has a password generator that creates uncrackable passwords. Other password protection functions of this application include backups, lock function and virtual keyboard.

As for password management, Password Depot offers different tools and features for managing important information and data. It has an auto-complete function for filling out passwords, user names and customized data automatically on the web. It also allows users to save encrypted password list online. Import/export functionality as well as clean-up functions are available as well. It also has Favorites and Password History for managing and controlling passwords.