Password Depot 6 6.2.2

AceBIT GmbH (Shareware)

Password Depot 6 is a utility for storing and managing usernames and passwords. The program allows users to manage passwords as well as other important information, such as online banking details, credit card numbers, software licenses, and usernames. All the data kept in the software is protected with Rijandael 256 encryption. This encryption technology provides double protection with an internal key and a master password set by the user. It also comes with a password generator that creates uncrackable passwords for online accounts.

Password Depot 6’s user interface is similar to that of Windows Explorer. Beginners will be able to navigate through the features of the program easily. Also, the program can add plug-ins to a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera) so that the program can automatically fill out log in forms based on the information stored in the application. The application can also be installed in a USB flash drive so that users have access to all the passwords anytime and anywhere.

Other features of the Password Depot 6 application are the following:
• Beginner mode, expert mode, or custom mode
• Encrypt external files
• Quality inspection of passwords
• Import or export passwords
• Clean-up function for expired passwords