Password Cracker 3.94

G&G Software (Freeware)

Password Cracker is a password recovery program developed by G&G Software. It is designed to help you see the words behind the “password asterisks” for different applications on your computer. It works as long as the filled-in password of the application is filled. Password Cracker’s user interface is simple with one dialogue box that offers all the tools and options needed for password recovery. The dialog box contains four main buttons – Options, Enable, Help and About. There are also two text fields in the program – Test and View. The Test text field displays the specific application it tries to access while the View text field displays the recovered password. Description about

Clicking the Options button will give you a drop-down menu of a list of configurations available in this program. This includes Recover in IE, Recover in All Windows, Sound, Top Most, Language, Download AML Pages, RSS Feeds, and Official Website. Checking the first two settings – Recover in IE and Recover in All Windows – allows users to recover passwords both in IE and in Windows. The Sound settings can be enabled/disabled by checking/un-checking it. Language can also be set by accessing the Language settings on the Options menu. The program can also run in tray mode. Users can also disable this function allowing the program to pop out every time it senses a new password/form.