Password Agent

Moon Software (Shareware)

Password Agent is a program for password management. It enables users to store all their passwords and other important information in one database. This makes it easier to look for passwords for different online accounts. All the information kept in the Password Agent database is secure, as users have to provide a master password in order to access all the contents. The program also keeps other information, not just passwords. Users can keep credit card information, usernames, serial numbers, activation codes, and other data that must be secured.

Users can create groups and sub groups within the program to manage and categorize all the information. The account entries also provide useful information, such as the title, user name, password, link, notes, date modified, date added, and the old passwords that are associated with the account. Password Agent can be placed in a USB flash drive and can be accessed anywhere. The application also comes with a TakeWithMe wizard that guides users through the process of copying the data and using it on other systems.

Here are the other features of the Password Agent:
• Automatically fills in login prompts
• Uses U.S. government approved AES/Rijndael encryption technology
• Multiple automatic backup files
• Export database to HTML
• Has a built-in password generator