Passware Search Index Examiner 4.5

Passware (Shareware)

Passware Search Index Examiner is an application that retrieves files and other data with the help of the Windows Desktop Search application.

This is a particular piece of software that is compatible with all Microsoft run programs and platforms. Especially when it comes to Windows based programs, the Passware Search Index Examiner can be used to locate specific files and data that may be hidden from plain view. This program is usually used for the purposes of forensic computer analysis. The program efficiently and effectively functions to find data that may have been lost in the system retrieving it in such a way that all of the relevant contents remain usable.

The program is easy to use even for begginers. For as long as the data or files that the user needs have been indexed by the Windows Desktop Search application, this particular program will be able to find them and retrieve them as necessary. When a search is performed, the program generates a list of all files that are relevant to the search parameters. Apart from listing the files down, the program also creates a list of creation and modification dates. Apart from these, if available, the program will also include details such as author, recipient, content summary, and similar elements with the listed items.